Care Instructions

Caring for your MFH Product

Care and Cleaning Instructions for Mats

    • Our products are EASY to clean, and low maintenance.

    • Wipe, Mop, Sweep or Vacuum

    • Clean with water and neutral soap. Do not use abrasive or bleaching products.

    • Not suitable for the washing machine or dishwasher.

    • Keep all of our products flat or rolled, never folded.

    • Ensure both the floor and floor mat are dry before placing the mat down.

    • Floor mats placed in wet environments including inside or in front of a shower or bath tub, or swimming pool, can become slippery when wet.

    • Storing sharp or heavy items on top of your mat can result in dents, or marks in the mat.

    • All of our products are designed for indoors or under a covered patio or balcony. Direct sunlight over time may fade the color of your mat.